WPC -Motion, The Face of Emotion.

This week the Weekly Photo Challenge is Motion and just by coincidence the one letter I skipped on the A to Z Challenge was M so today I can cover off two themes with one post.

Over the years our family has spent countless hours at the ball field and the soccer pitch. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching your children participate in something they enjoy. Here is my view of motion.

image image image

image imageimage


10 thoughts on “WPC -Motion, The Face of Emotion.

  1. Motion is the key to life. Think about it; anything that lives that stops moving dies. As a chiropractic physician we talk about spinal movement. Without proper movement, degeneration (arthritis) occurs. Restore motion to the spine of any other joint, and function returns. Such a simple concept that so few are aware of. Thank you for the post. I would much rather see children running and playing and being social, than sitting behind computer terminals all day long!

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      • I would go with good – I have more than one person who tells me they prefer the shorter blogs (and pictures). As these are people who I am related to, I tend to trust their opinions on this, because they are not the sorts to tell me what I want to hear!

        That said, I do enjoy writing the longer blog posts. So I will not be giving mine up anytime soon.

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