5 New Years Resolutions Every Camper Can Easily Achieve!

Many people refuse to set New Years resolutions but for me it is one of my favorite things to do. I often set around 20. Some are simple, ones that I know I can achieve, and then there are those that make the list each year. Being more patient, stressing less and reading more all seem to be far more difficult to achieve than one might think.


As I enter the second year of my camping blog I felt it would be appropriate to set some Camping Resolutions. I have narrowed it down to 5 that could be adapted or adopted by any camper.

  1. imageDry  camp at least once this year in a forestry site. These are non reservable, more primitive sites. Not only do they lack water and power but often offer only pit toilets, no picnic tables and off road entrances. I think it would be great to really get away from it all.
  2. Cook a meal on an open fire. I am inspired by all the Dutch oven recipes I see and it has made me want to give it a try. First I must purchase the Dutch oven. Second, I must plan to complete this goal early in the season, before the campfire bans are put on.
  3. Drive, park, set up and take down my own camping trip. I vision this to be a girls weekend get away because there is no my way my husband could sit back and watch me complete this painful task. Last year I drove the trailer and parked it in an open lot but that is far from a real campsite. I feel a blog in the making!!!image
  4. Complete a full day hike during a camping trip. Last year we did Joffre Lakes and loved it so this year we might try Black Tusk or the Chief. I pondered the idea of making this a “backpack in” camping goal but let’s get serious, there is no way I am up for that.Blair iPhone 2015 07 124
  5. Utilize everything we take! We are famous for packing bikes, kayaks, hammocks and golf clubs and they never make it off the truck. This year I want to use every activity item we pack at least once per trip. Read in the hammock, golf the local course or bike the trails, if it made the trip we better make sure we use it.image

What are your New Years resolutions? Put them in words, share them in the comments and make them happen. I would love to hear what you want to do this year, maybe I will add it to my list. I am well short of 20.


12 thoughts on “5 New Years Resolutions Every Camper Can Easily Achieve!

  1. We spend almost all our time dry camping/boondocking. We prefer it to staying in crowded campgrounds plus we never have to make any reservations that way.

    We are always hiking, it’s great exercise and it is generally free. We hiked Joffre Lakes back in 2006, what a gorgeous place, loved it!

    Good luck with your resolutions, it sounds like some good sound advice.

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  2. Ooh, CAMPING resolutions!! I like! I definitely want to cook outside over the fire more this year.. I did more rugged camping in my youth and then evolved into travel trailer camping, I’d like to get back into roughing it more. Doing more of our own thing when camping, too, rather than let our day be influenced by the group. And backing up a trailer! OMG, loved your graphic!!!

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  3. We plan to spend more time in our home Province of BC. Unfortunately we probably can’t get into any of the Provincial Campgrounds. Hoping to head up the canyon, then up Prince George and to Dawson Creek.

    In the Fall we also hope to tour the Okanagan.

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      • Based on my research, this is the campgrounds we are considering:
        – Canyon Alpine RV Park & Campground, Boston Bar – 1 night
        – Gold Trail RV Park, Clinton – 2 nights
        – Williams Lake Stampede Campground – 3 nights
        – Robert’s Roost RV Park, Quesnel – 3 nights
        – Sintich Campground, Prince George – 5 nights
        – Northern Lights Campground, Dawson Creek – 2 nights

        Then we head East towards Ontario and then drop down into Indiana for a couple of weeks.


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